12 Reasons Cape Bridgewater is my New Favourite Place (in Pictures)

You know that moment when you’re on holiday and you stop and look at a place and think to yourself, shit, I could totally live here. In fact, I fricken wish I lived here! For me, this place is Cape Bridgewater in West Portland.

Okay, in all fairness, this thought runs through my head pretty much everywhere I go, but standing on the beach early in the morning on an overcast day, I felt a serene peace overcome me, unlike anything I’ve ever felt before.

cape bridgewater beach

With the tide receding, leaving an ocean-soaked strip of sand that was perfect for walking on, I took my shoes off and let the freezing water run over my toes and felt all of the pent-up tension from our disastrous road trip the day before (we’ll get to this in our next post!) just disappear.

The seagulls lining up in an orderly fashion were an added bonus!

cape bridgewater

But the child in me just couldn’t resist chasing after them #sorrybutnotsorry.

cape bridgewater

But, it did make for a spectacular early morning show!

Cape Bridgewater

Then, as they settled, we got treated to a serene view that’s now permanently engraved in my mind. The smallest shard of sunlight broke through the cloud cover to brighten the lapping water to a beautiful aqua colour that almost looked artificial it was so perfect. We literally stood in awe at the unexpected beauty of this quiet piece of coastline.

bridgewater bay

It really is the beach that just keeps on giving!


Plus, right on the shore, almost like a set from a surf movie, is a quaint little cafe that serves simple, yet delicious food, where we got a delicious breakfast. As an added bonus, the people are just so darn friendly. We actually had a lovely conversation with the owner’s dad, which just wouldn’t happen in a big city!

cape bridgewater

But, you’re probably sick of me gushing over this one little stretch of beach, so I’ll move on to the Petrified Forest (and no, this isn’t a set from Harry Potter, although the name would totally work!)

the petrified forest

Only like a 15-minute drive from my new favourite beach in Bridgewater Bay, Victoria is the cliffside, Petrified Forest. Now, as you can see, it’s not an actual forest, however, it got its name because these unique formations that have formed over millions of years somewhat resemble tree trunks.


On an unrelated note, you also get some pretty good views of the windmill farms, which, apparently you can take tours of! I guess this would be kind of interesting to some people…

But, personally, these rock formations are much more to my likings. These columnar and branching calcrete structures, which are more than a metre high, are called rhizo-concretions. Essentially, they’re hollow tubes of limestone that have eroded as a result of millions of years of rainfall.


Sitting right next to this unique limestone forest, are the blowholes. Unfortunately, when we went the ocean’s swell wasn’t quite strong enough for us to see the blowholes at their best, but it was still a beautiful view!


The Blowholes are formations that have been worn into the volcanic rock at the base of the cliff, and when the water’s current is strong enough, the water is forced through these holes, causing the water to burst through the rock and high into the air.

However, even if you don’t get to see this, you still get to soak up beautiful 360-degree views!


We were even lucky enough to get a bit of sunshine as we wandered along the path that trails from the Petrified Forest to the Blowholes.

Bridgewater Bay actually wasn’t on our trip’s original itinerary, but luckily for us, one of our friends that live down in Portland suggested it, and honestly, I could just about kiss her I’m that glad that we went!

It is a bit of a hike to get there (about 4.5 hours from Melbourne) but it’s so worth the trip! And whether you take the inland route or the more popular drive along the Great Ocean Road, you’ll get the most beautiful oceanside and scenic countryside views. Personally, I never get sick of looking at the sprawling countryside and rolling hills in regional Victoria, so I couldn’t recommend the trip enough.

I loved Bridgewater Bay so much, I would happily pick up my life and make a seachange (if only I could find a job down there… but that’s a whole other kettle of fish!)

XOXO April 


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  1. I agree. Cape Bridgewater is a magical piece of coastline. I’d start looking for work there if I was you! 😏


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