5 Hikes in Australia That’ll Give You All the Feels

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If views for days and perfect Instagram shots are totally your thing, then these hikes are for you.

Join us as we take a trek around the Land Down Under to find five of the best and most scenic single-day hikes in Australia that’ll give you all the feels.

1. The Pinnacle lookout, Grampians National Park

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The Pinnacle. The hike to this lookout is often hailed as quite a difficult single-day hike. But it’s actually a lot easier than people say it is. Trust me, people even take their kids up there!

Now I’m not saying that the aspiring fitness junkie inside of you won’t die a little bit. Because, to be honest, it is exhausting. But it’s totally achievable.

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Mostly devoid of actual walking paths, you’ll traipse across rock, climb up steps and witness the true beauty of Victoria’s mountain ranges. You won’t find anything like it in the mainland’s most eastern state.

Make it to the top and your legs will be burning, your heart will be racing and your Insta feed will be thanking you for your dedication.

2. Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory


Word of warning, when you’re in the Northern Territory, ditch your expensive clothes because that red dust has a nasty habit of getting all up in your face!

But, if you can handle a little dirt, the Kings Canyon Rim Walk will be three or so hours well spent. You’ve got two trails to choose from; the shorter, easier walk along the creek bed, or the more challenging yet completely rewarding Rim Walk that stretches for six kilometres.


Travelling along the sandstone cliffs, you’ll be tiptoeing along the edge of a perilous 150-metre drop. Eek! But it’s worth it because, at the end, you’ll be greeted by Australia’s very own version of the Garden of Eden: a water hole that brings the area to life. Definitely one of the most unique hikes in Australia.

3. Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park


Western Australia is often left out at the party. In fact, once upon a time, it was so disconnected from the rest of the country that it was almost recognised as an entirely separate country. Say whhaaaatt?!

Well, regardless of its history, Bluff Knoll is a six-kilometre walk that ends on top of the third highest peak in Western Australia. Head out to Stirling Range National Park to take advantage of the most spectacular vantage points the region has to offer.


Plus, on your way up, you’ll even be able to scope out some native wildflowers and all manner of cute and furry wildlife.

The walk can be challenging but you’ll be stopping for photo ops so often that you’ll barely get a chance to get puffed.

4. Mount Cannibal, Garfield

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Don’t let the name put you off! Mount Cannibal is easily one of Victoria’s most underrated walks. In fact, it’s so underrated that probably 99.9% of Australia’s population doesn’t even know it exists.

Hidden out in Garfield where the suburbs meet the country is a humble mountain with a terrifying name. Here, you can take a scenic, relatively slow-paced walk that loops around the rocky edges of Mount Cannibal overlooking acres upon acres of farmland.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 3.24.13 pm

All you need is about 40 minutes and a full camera battery, and you’re set!

5. Dove Lake Circuit, Tasmania


Tasmania is so unbelievably pretty. And when you take on the tracks of Dove Lake Circuit you’ll quickly discover why.

This is the best walk for any nature-loving adventurers and isn’t as challenging as others on this list. Most of the trail is flat and there are only a few small slopes.


Dove Lake Circuit sits at the bottom of Cradle Mountain and is home to some stunning views. All you need to do is follow the boardwalk around the lake and you’ll get to enjoy scenic highlights like Glacier Rock and Ballroom Forest.

Have our favourite hikes in Australia got you excited for your very own trip to the Land Down Under?

This post was originally written for and published on Topdeck Travel’s blog, The Collective. 

XOXO April 


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