The Best Food Victoria has to Offer

lavender cupcakes

When you visit Melbourne, there are a lot of amazing restaurants, but what a lot of people don’t realise, is that some of the best food is actually found a little further afield.

If you’ve been following our journey so far, you’ll know that we are absolute gluttons when it comes to food! How we are not morbidly obese is beyond me! So, not surprisingly, as we’ve been exploring our home state of Victoria, we’ve made it our mission to eat a hell of a lot of food. So far, these are just some of the drool-worthy places we’ve stumbled across.

Olive at Loch 

Olive at Loch

High tea for $25. When I first heard this price, I was like, this is a joke right? I’ve legit never seen a high tea so cheap, especially not one this good. You know how a lot of high teas come with an insanely high price tag, and you get served up crustless sandwiches with something shit like cucumber as the filling? Well, at Olive at Loch, there’s no bland, pompous food in sight. It’s all hearty, flavoursome and oh-so-rich food that you’ll be visibly drooling over the minute you walk in the door.

Located on the main street in Loch, which is about a two-hour drive from Melbourne on the way to Leongatha, this beaut of a place has a homely, cluttered yet stylish decor, friendly country service and AMMMAAAZZIIINNGGG food. Like, I cannot emphasise enough how melt-in-your-mouth their sausage rolls are and how decadently rich the brownies were.

Lady Lavender’s Tea Room 

Lavender lemonade

Not quite as far away as Loch, Lady Lavender’s Tea Room is located on along the Monash Freeway in Garfield and is probably about a 90-minute drive from the CBD.

This quaint little weatherboard cottage, with sprawling lavender fields, was a nifty little find, as we enjoyed some delicious lavender lemonade and good-old-fashioned English-style beef pot pies.


Having had lavender lemonade for the first time at Lavandula Swiss Italian Farm just outside of Daylesford a few weeks back, I jumped at the chance to get a taste of this rare find again. The lemon wedge was a nice touch, as the drink had the perfect balance of fizzy-lemony goodness and the indescribable taste of lavender. I say indescribable because lavender tastes exactly how I imagine it would based on its scent, yet I honestly don’t know how to describe the flavour. But it’s good, I can tell you that!

We also stared in awe as waitresses brought out towering ice cream sundaes, and exploding chocolate lava cakes, but unfortunately, we were on our way to hike Mount Cannibal, so we thought it would be unwise to indulge too much (a rare moment of clarity for us and our sweet tooths).

Doughboys Doughnuts


Sitting conveniently in the middle of the CBD on Bourke Street lies pastry heaven. I actually work right around the corner from Doughboys Doughnuts but somehow had never tried it until one of my colleagues suggested checking it out at lunchtime.

This place clearly knows a thing about gourmet doughnuts and puts most doughnut places to shame.

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In a league of its own was the Banoffee Pie doughnut, which was filled with thick caramel sauce that reminded me of Caramel Top ‘N Fill, which is delicious, as well as a banana flavoured cream, bits of chocolate, and of course, the syrupy caramel glaze that made it simply irresistible.

Sugar Buns Cafe Bakery

loaded milkshakes

The home of Melbourne’s best mega shakes… do I really need to say more?

These are actually stupidly big, but in a brilliant, sugar-coma-inducing way that’s just too hard to resist. Flavoured milk, generous ice cream serves, chocolate flavoured fairy floss and plenty of chocolate, cookies, and all manner of sugary goodness – what’s not to love!


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Although perhaps the most surprising thing about this little gem in Hampton Park, about an hour’s drive from the CBD, is that the shakes weren’t the star attraction – the burgers were. A double beef patty, bacon and oozy cheese that melts in your mouth and could easily be in the running for one of Melbourne’s best burgers, really went down a treat. Plus, Jenna indulged in their fried chicken burger, which she heralded just as good – a high claim from people like us who eat a shit load of burgers!

Dunkeld Old Bakery 

french toast

We’ve spoken about this place before, but only in regards to its adorable old-fashioned accommodation. Now, let’s take a moment to talk about their breakfast.

Found in Dunkeld, about a three-hour drive north of Melbourne, on the border of the Grampians National Park, this place is worth the drive just for its French toast. Thick, melt in your mouth slices of fresh bread, homemade lemon curd, creamy vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit salad – what a winning combo.

They also bake jumbo muffins that smell and look incredible, croissants that look just as good as the real thing in France, and some killer smashed avo on toast, where the avo won’t bankrupt you.

Grand Trailer Park Taverna 

kinder surprise milkshake

Jump back into the city, and this American-style diner will make you feel like you’ve crossed continents just to get a burger and shake –  the food and decor is that authentic.

Enter the Kinder Surprise milkshake. Fun fact, Kinder Surprise chocolate is my absolute favourite kind of chocolate, so I had very high expectations. I was not dissapointed, the milkshake actually tasted like the real thing, and the chocolate on the top was an extra, welcome treat.


Their burgers are also good, but not quite the best in Melbourne as they claim to be. However, they are juicy, cheesy and hit just the right spot when you’re craving a good-old beef burger.

Doughnut Time


We’ve talked about Doughnut Time before, and we’ll talk about it again. I feel like this wagon wheel doughnut is explanation enough. Think marshmallow whip and jam filling, chocolate frosting, crushed wagon wheels and mini marshmallows, and I’m sure you’ll understand why.

doughnut time

Their vegan Liam-hemsworthy is also to die for, although I still feel like the vegan label is trickery because this red velvet doughnut tastes too good to not have butter and egg in it!

Now please excuse us as we go and sink into a blissful food coma. Pretty sure we’re well on the way to developing diabetes, but it was totally worth it!

Happy eating.

XOXO April 


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