48 Hours in New York City

NYCNew York fricken city!!! If you can only go on one holiday in your life, I couldn’t recommend the city that never sleeps more. New York was the first overseas trip I ever took and by the time I left this jaw-smackingly incredible place ten days later, I had well and truly caught the travel bug.

But, rather than drone on about all of the incredible things I saw and did in this ten days (especially since most people only have the chance to stick around for a couple) I thought I’d be more concise and run through my top tips for 48 hours in what could quite possibly be one of the best cities in the world (sorry, Melbs!).

First up, the fooooddddd! OMG, New York actually has some of the best bloody food in the world. Want an insanely big glass of lemonade for like $3? No problem! Want a juicy beef burger and fistfuls of fries for less than $10, your wish is my command!

burgers and fries

Okay, now that you’ve got a full stomach of greasy goodness, let’s start exploring!

Day One

Rise and shine travellers, the Statue of Liberty and an array of other American wonders await. Grab a bagel and a coffee from a street vendor and chuck on your finest pair of walking shoes because we’re about to trek across New York City to Battery Park, the starting point for your journey to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

New York City

We actually walked like 40 blocks to get to Battery Park because we were so confused about how the subway worked. It was great because we saw so much along the way, but a word to the wise, jump on the subway! It’s cheap and actually so easy to navigate.

Take a few photos, check out the history and make sure you pick up a souvenir keyring from the gift shop because we only have two days and there’s a lot to see and do!

Cruises to and from the island run quite frequently, so when you’re ready, jump back on and head back to the city.

Once you’re back on dry land, head to the centre of the city, grab some lunch and then stare in awe at Times Square.

New york city

This photo was taken at about 8am, hence why it’s so quiet, but by midday, you’ll definitely be fighting the crowds!

New york city

Here, you’ll find a stupid amount of souvenir shops, an M&M store, the biggest and best toy store you’ve ever seen with life-size lego displays, and so much more!!! It also looks great at night time!

Times Square

This handy tourist hot spot is also conveniently close to our next stop, The Empire State Building, where you’ll score some pretty sweet views of the city. However, the line to get to the top is a big one, and the lift is super terrifying if you actually stop to think about how high up you are! You can save some time in the line if you’re happy to walk the last ten flights of stairs though, rather than waiting for the lift that takes you the final few steps.

view from the empire state building

Once you’re back down to reality, chuck on your finest travel outfit because we’re going to Broadway, baby!

theatre in broadway The Lion King was our poison of choice, but the shows change around all the time, so you’ll have plenty of theatre productions to choose from.

After the show, it’s straight to bed so you have enough energy for day two!

Day Two

If you’re a big reader of our blog you’ll probably know that I’m a sucker for Central Park, so I would suggest allowing plenty of time to walk around this majestic space!

central park

In summer, there’s a carnival to check out, but I hear there’s an ice rink there in winter that I would give my right arm to go to!

You also have Central Park Zoo, the gorgeous lake that was made famous by the likes of Stuart Little, and of course, the beautiful water fountain that you might recognise from pretty much every ROMCOM ever! Annnddd Gossip Girl!


Plus, check out those damn good views!

new york city

After your feet are sufficiently sore, grab a hot dog from a street cart (they’re cheap and surprisingly good) and then head to our second last stop, the American Museum of Natural History, where you’ll walk alongside dinosaurs and learn a bunch of stuff you never knew before (even if you do forget it all ten minutes later like I did!).

new york city

It’s also right across the road from the lower end of Central Park, so hopefully, it should be a nice and short walk for you to get there.


Finally, before you say goodbye to New York, you should have just enough time to squeeze in some shopping. You’ve got Victoria’s Secret and Tiffany’s, but if you’re more like me, you’ll be more excited by the fact American Kmarts have a grocery section!!


Saayyy whhaaattt?

Now, I’m sorry to say it, but that’s all we have time for. There is a bunch of other cool stuff you can see and do, like Coney Island in Brooklyn, so if you have time to spend more than two days in New York definitely do it!

If not, rest assured, you’ve seen some of the best!

XOXO April 



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