Melbourne’s Donut Scene: Yes, it’s a Thing!

as featured on TopdeckCome check out our top 4 hotspots for donuts and find out why Melbourne’s donut scene is legit.

They’re worth travelling across oceans, across time zones, and even across continents to get a taste of. That’s right, we’re talking about donuts. And in none other than the city that’s been voted the most liveable in the world for the seventh year running. Yeah, we’re looking at you Melbourne.

1. Doughnut Time

Head down the iconic Degraves Street and one of the first minuscule shopfronts you’ll see is Doughnut Time. Don’t let appearances fool you. This shop is tiny. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in delicious treats.

This place is seriously so good. Even the vegan red velvet donut is to die for.


2. American Doughnut Kitchen

Perhaps you’re more of a traditional donut lover. If you don’t want all of the frills, the American Doughnut Kitchen at the Queen Victoria Market could be right up your alley.

This quaint food truck (or shall we say, epic donut van) has become a permanent fixture at the must-see Melbourne market after popular stints at the Olympics, the Melbourne Zoo and even the MCG. These guys have the good old fashioned hot jam donut down to a T and are making Melbourne’s donut scene awesome AF.

queen vic market donuts

3. Daniel’s Donuts

If you’re heading a little further afield, be sure to make a stop in Springvale in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. There, Daniel’s Donuts awaits.

We’re talking about lemon meringue-filled fried goodness or a white chocolate raspberry donut that will quite possibly make you cry with happiness. Trust us.

donuts melbourne

4. Krispy Kreme

If none of these places do it for you, there’s always good ol’ Krispy Kreme. Your much-needed donut fix is conveniently located on just about every street corner, as you can easily grab one two go from 7/11 in Melbourne (yep, there’s lots of 7/11s in Melbourne).

Quick pit stop on the way to work? We won’t judge.

donuts in melbourne

Melbourne’s a pretty great place to visit. The city is absolutely beautiful and on a day trip out of the CBD you can sip wine in the Yarra Valley, wind through coastal roads on the Great Ocean Road, or climb mountains in the Grampians. Then, to reward your hard day of exploring, you can indulge on a donut before calling it a night.

Melbourne, we love you!

This post was originally written for and published on Topdeck’s blog, The Collective

XOXO April 


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