18 Photos That Will Make You Want to Take a Road Trip Through North-West Victoria

22163664_1437946849593131_1607957056_oWhen you ditch Melbourne and drive out past Ballarat in Victoria’s central highlands, you’ll quickly find that country Victoria has so much to offer that just can’t be found in more urban areas.

We recently took a road trip out to the Grampians, where we drove through key Victorian towns like Bacchus Marsh, Ararat and Dunkeld, passing through the picturesque Pyrenees and then detouring through spa country on the way home.

What did we learn on this epic road trip? That Victoria is bloody beautiful, that’s what! (Oh, and that there’s a lot of canola in country Victoria – who knew?!)

These 18 pictures will definitely inspire you to ditch your heels and chuck on a pair of walking shoes!

fields of canola in country victoria
Canola fields along the Western Highway

These canola fields were a happy surprise, and no joke, they were the best part of our road trip! Luckily for us, they were literally everywhere, with fields upon fields of them growing down almost every country highway we drove along!

What’s more peaceful than a dirt track surrounded by native trees in the heart of country Victoria? Probably nothing…

travel the pyrenees
The Pyrenees

On our trip from Dunkeld, Victoria, to Daylesford, which is just two hours out of Melbourne, we stumbled upon this perfect little quarry that made us just want to jump in, even though it was freezing cold outside!

glenelg highway's quarry
The Quarry along Glenelg Highway

It’s not surprising that the Grampians National Park is one of Victoria’s most prized natural landscapes. Not only is it huge, it offers unparalleled views. We hiked the pinnacle trail, which can be accessed when you drive about five minutes up the mountain from Halls Gap.

Although, we did learn the hard way that the Pinnacle Trail is not for the faint-hearted! There aren’t normal trails; it’s all jagged rocks and steps. The return trip will take you about four hours and your legs will definitely hate you for the next day or two!

mountains in victoria
The Grampians National Park
The Pinnacle Hike at the Grampians National Park
hiking in victoria
Scenic views from the Grampians
the grampians national park
The Grampians National Park
hiking victoria
Creek in the Grand Canyon at Grampians National Park

Only ten minutes drive from Dunkeld is the beautiful Freshwater Lake, which is a fishing hot spot for locals, but when you go on a chilly morning like we did, there isn’t a person in sight!

victorian lakes
Freshwater Lake, Dunkeld

One of the best parts of country Victoria is the quaint little bed and breakfasts. We stayed overnight at this little gem, and were able to grab some french toast and smashed avo for breakfast – yum!

bed and breakfasts in victoria
The Old Bakery Accommodation, Dunkeld

Moving along to Daylesford. A lot of people think this weekend getaway is just for spa-goers, but if you head about 15 minutes out of the township through some pretty terrifying winding roads, you’ll find yourself at Lavandula – a beautiful little lavender farm that’s filled with stunning Italian architecture, beautiful gardens and wildlife.

lavender lemonade
Lavender lemonade from Lavandula (Daylesford)
lavender cupcakes
Lavender cupcakes at Lavandula
old carts and wagons
The gardens at Lavandula
wildlife victoria
Geese in Daylesford
travel victoria
An Italian villa at Lavandula
A barn at Lavandula
lavender farm
Daylesford, Victoria

We managed to do all of this in one action-packed weekend, but if you have the time, there’s so much to explore in country Victoria, including Victoria’s favourite gold rush towns Bendigo and Ballarat, and tiny little country towns like Stawell, or even Marysborough, which is the perfect spot for a relaxing weekend away.

Until next time…

XOXO April 


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