Travelling With Your Partner – Is It A Good Idea?

So, you want to grab your passport, book a flight and head overseas on an epic adventure with your partner?

But, you find yourself asking the age-old question, are we ready for this?

Well, I would love to shout out a resounding, YES!!!! But the answer really depends (it’s frustrating, I know!) But, to help give you a little insight into the matter, I’m going to share my personal experience with you (and I promise, I will try not to get too mushy!)

Firstly, this is Mitch (pretty cute, right?)

overseas adventures

Way back in 2011, we embarked on our first ever overseas adventure together. It was four whole weeks of just us. In that time, we laughed, we fought, we cried (well, mainly me), and we got completely lost in the sites around us (and I don’t just mean figuratively). It was actually pretty great.

To give you a bit of background into our relationship; we were high school sweethearts, and at this point in time we’d been together for almost three years. Now, six years later, we’ve been married for four. So, judging by this little snippet of information, you might be thinking, OKAY, this trip totally went perfectly for them because come on, they got bloody married!

Well, yes and no.

Yes, I would go back in a heart beat, and yes, he’s the best travel companion I could have asked for. We’re also doing it again next year for just under five weeks in Italy, England, Scotland and Iceland, but we’ll get to that later.

There’s no denying that we had a blast. But, like most things to do with relationships, there were ups and there were downs.

romantic holidays

There was a lot of complaining, especially on our first day in Paris when we got completely lost, we were jet lagged, and I somehow managed to get myself trapped in an automatic public toilet.

We argued over what we did and didn’t want to do and got jointly stressed out when Mitch had his passport stolen in New York. Hell, I even accused him of losing it just because he didn’t want to go check out Brooklyn and I totally did! Yep, I was that kind of girlfriend (at least for a few minutes).

He got frustrated at me because all I wanted to do was stuff my face with delicious British food in London, while he wanted more than anything to check out the Harry Potter studio.

So, as you can see, we hit a few brick walls. But, what couple doesn’t?! Despite these relatively minor hiccups, I can safely say that, for me, travelling with my partner was the right thing to do.

Why? Because we compromised. We took in turns picking activities and choosing where to eat. I tried not to pressure him too hard when he had trouble reading a map, and he tried not to laugh at me when I stumbled my way through an awkward conversation with a very confused Parisian. Overall, I think it worked out quite well.

travelling with your partner

However, I have heard horror stories about people who went travelling with their partner and fought the whole time, or even worse, people who broke up afterwards and refuse to look at any of their photos because they remind them of that person who they shall never speak of again.

Now, wouldn’t that be shit?!

So, are you ready to jet off with your significant other?

Sadly, this is an impossible question to ask because you’ll never know until you go. Nobody books a holiday with their boyfriend and girlfriend, thinking, oh my God, this is going to be the worst! Even if we have our doubts, we like to hope for the best, and sometimes, we’re pleasantly surprised.

My advice to anyone would be to give it a go. You don’t have to do anything huge, just go away for the weekend or head interstate for a week. Honestly, it’s the best way to test your relationship. While we were away, I learnt a lot about Mitch that I had never known before. Like how he has impossibly long showers and doesn’t like to talk much on planes because everyone can hear him.

If you come home and you don’t want to kill each other, hurrah! If you come home and you do, maybe solo travel is more for you. Either way, travel is all about learning, and what better to learn more about your relationship than to put it to the test in a fun, hopefully, romantic kind of way?

XOXO April 



3 Replies to “Travelling With Your Partner – Is It A Good Idea?”

  1. Great read. And I totally agree. Trips with a partner is a compromise. It’s a big learning curve, and each trip is a new experience, new ups and downs.


  2. It’s very frustrating . I like to be organised and go see stuff . Hubby likes to just vegetate . Then might as well stay home and vegetate then 😂


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