A Day in Central Park – New York City

New York City. What could I possibly say about the city that never sleeps that hasn’t been said before?

I could tell you that it’s one of the world’s biggest financial, commercial and cultural centres, or that’s it’s home to a hell of a lot of people, but frankly, no one really gives a crap about that sort of stuff.

What people really care about is the food, the sites, the shopping, and in my case, Central Park.

A day in central park Central ‘fucking’ Park – easily one of my favourite spots in New York, which is a big statement considering I loved pretty much everything about New York (except the Subway, but that’s a whole different story).

I spent a day wandering around every nook and cranny of this beautiful park that’s visited by roughly 40 million people per year (doesn’t that make you feel really tiny and insignificant?). Well, frankly, in an urban park of this calibre, I certainly don’t mind feeling small. In fact, I felt more alive in this park than I think I ever have in my life (this shit just got real!).

So, what is it about this park that’s so AMAZING? It has multiple baseball fields, hot dog vendors everywhere, artists, a mini theme park in summer (or an ice rink in winter), a whole bloody zoo, horse and cart rides, a carousel, and even a castle! The most incredible part of all of these attractions though is that this list doesn’t even scratch the surface! Want to watch some Shakespeare in the Park? Why not! Want to check out some famous film and TV spots from the likes of Gossip Girl and Stuart Little? Hell, go for it! There’s not much you can’t do in Central Park.

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During my visit, I did a lot of walking. When I say a lot, I mean a lot (I was paying for it with blisters that stuck around for most of my trip). I also ate doughnuts, took about a billion photos of cute animals of all shapes and sizes in the zoo, and got lost more than once.

It was bloody epic!

My favourite part though was the Alice in Wonderland statue.

A travel bloggers tips on central park I

I totally wanted to show off an awesome shot of me on the statue, but unluckily for me, I had a few kids who were pretty hell bent on photo bombing me. But I digress.

You could very easily do a quick stopover in New York and breeze through Central Park in an hour or so, and sure, you could say you’ve been there, and you wouldn’t be lying, but you wouldn’t have really SEEN it.

After spending about seven hours wandering around, kind of aimlessly, but not fruitlessly, I still feel like I missed out on so much. I easily could have gone back the next day, and the next, but alas, the rest of New York was calling – especially the endless amount of diners with their epic burgers and super-sized soft drinks – I mean come on, have you ever been served a lemonade as big as one from Applebees?

So, I had to say my good byes to Central Park, but I still stared at it longingly every time I walked past it, or when I rode the lift to the top of the Empire State Building.

My only request is that if you ever make it to this pretty spectacular city, remember the parkland is just as magical as the concrete jungle itself.

XOXO April 


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